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acorn woodpecker adelie penguin african fish eagle african paradise flycatcher alaska albatross allen's hummingbird amazon kingfisher american avocet american coot american golden plover american goldfinch american kestrel american pygmy kingfisher american robin american tree sparrow american white pelican amur falcon andean emerald andean of the rock ani anna's hummingbird antarctic shag antarctica aracari arctic tern arctic warbler argentina arizona woodpecker ash throated flycatcher ashy headed goose asian paradise flycatcher avocet bald eagle baltimore oriole bar tailed godwit barbet barred owl bay headed tanager bee eater belted kingfisher bewick's wren black bellied bustard black bellied hummingbird black browed albatross black capped chickadee black cheeked woodpecker black chinned hummingbird black collared hawk black crowned night heron black fronted sunbird black headed grosbeak black headed heron black kite black necked stilt black rumped flameback black shouldered kite black skimmer black tailed gnatcatcher black tailed godwit black tern black throated blue warbler black throated mango black throated sparrow black throated warbler black winged stilt blackbird blackpoll warbler blakiston's fish owl blue chinned sapphire blue cowled motmot blue footed booby blue gray tanager blue winged mountain tanager blue winged teal bluebird bluethroat boat billed heron booby booted racket tail bosque del apache brandt's cormorant brant brazil brewer's sparrow brewers blackbird brilliant bristle thighed curlew broad billed hummingbird broad tailed hummingbird brown creeper brown crested flycatcher brown headed gull brown hooded parrot brown inca brown jay brown pelican brown skua brown snake eagle brown violetear brushfinch buff crested bustard buff tailed coronet bullock's oriole burrowing owl bustard cacique cackling goose cactus wren california quail california scrub jay canada goose canyon wren cape petrel cape teal capped heron caracara cardinal caspian tern cassin's finch cassin's vireo chat chestnut backed chickadee chestnut breasted coronet chestnut capped brushfinch chestnut colored woodpecker chestnut eared aracari chestnut mandibled toucan chickadee chilean skua chimango caracara chinstrap penguin chipping sparrow chukar chuker cinnamon teal clark's grebe clay colored thrush cobb's wren cocoi heron collared aracari collared inca collared redstart collared trogon common loon common merganser common murre common nighthawk common potoo common redpoll common redshank common tody flycatcher common yellowthroat cooper's hawk coot copper rumped hummingbird coppery headed hummingbird coquette cormorant coronet costa rica costa's hummingbird cowbird crane crane hawk creeper crested duck crested serpent eagle crimson rumped toucanet crossbill curassow curlew dark eyed junco doctor bird dolphin gull double crested cormorant dowitcher downy woodpecker duck dunlin dusky grouse dusky legged guan eagle eared grebe eastern chanting goshawk eastern yellow wagtail ecuador egret egyptian goose elegant tern elf owl emerald euphonia eurasian roller eurasian wigeon european starling evening grosbeak falcon falkland islands fawn breasted brilliant fiery throated hummingbird finch flame tanager flameback flamingo flicker flightless cormorant flightless steamer duck flycatcher fork tailed woodnymph fox sparrow francolin frigatebird fulmar gadwall galapagos hawk galapagos islands galapagos penguin gamble's quail gentoo penguin giant cowbird gila woodpecker glaucous gull glaucouswinged gull gnatcatcher godwit golden crowned sparrow golden hooded tanager golden olive woodpecker golden pipit golden tailed sapphire golden tanager goldfinch goliath heron goose goshawk grand tetons national park gray flycatcher gray headed kingfisher gray heron gray jay grayish flycatcher great black hawk great curassow great egret great frigatebird great gray owl great green macaw great horned owl great potoo greater flamingo greater sage grouse greater yellowlegs grebe green and rufous kingfisher green barred woodpecker green breasted mango green crowned brilliant green hermit green heron green honeycreeper green kingfisher green tailed towhee grey crowned crane grey francolin grey kestrel grosbeak grouse guan guillemot guineafowl gull hairy woodpecker harrier hawk hermann's gull hermit hermit thrush heron hoary redpoll hoffman's woodpecker honeycreeper hooded merganser hooded oriole horned puffin house finch house sparrow hummingbird hyacinth macaw imperial cormorant inca india indian peafowl indian pond heron indian roller jabiru jacamar jaeger jamaica jamaican oriole jamaican peewee jamaican spindalis jamaican vireo jamaican woodpecker japan jay joshua tree national park junco keel billed toucan kenya kenya rufous sparrow kestrel killdeer king penguin kingfisher kite kori bustard ladder backed woodpecker lapland longspur lapwing lawrence's goldfinch least auklet least grebe lesser flamingo lesser goldfinch lesser violetear lewis's woodpecker lilac breasted roller lincoln's sparrow little bee eater little blue heron long billed curlew long billed dowitcher long crested eagle long eared owl long tailed duck long tailed jaeger longclaw loon macaroni penguin macaw macgillivray's warbler magellanic oystercatcher magellanic penguin magellanic woodpecker magenta throated woodstar magnificent frigatebird magnificent hummingbird malachite kingfisher malheur national wildlife refuge mango many spotted hummingbird marabou stork marbled godwit marsh wren martial eagle masked trogon medium ground finch merganser mexican jay monk parakeet montezuma oropendola motmot mountain bluebird mountain chickadee mountain gem mountain plover mt rainier national park murre mute swan napo sabrewing nazca booby night heron nighthawk nome alaska northern flicker northern gray headed sparrow northern harrier northern pintail northern puffback northern pygmy owl northern saw whet owl northern shoveler northern spotted owl northern waterthrush northern wheatear nubian woodpecker nuthatch nuttall's woodpecker oak titmouse ochre bullied flycatcher oilbird olive backed euphonia olive warbler orange backed troupial orange chinned parakeet orange crowned warbler oriole oropendola osprey ovenbird owl oystercatcher pacific loon pacific wren painted spurfowl palm tanager paradise flycatcher parakeet parakeet auklet parasitic jaeger parrot passerini's tanager patagonian crested duck peewee pelagic cormorant pelican penguin petrel phainopepla phalarope pied avocet pied billed grebe pied kingfisher pied lapwing pigeon guillemot pileated woodpecker pine siskin pinion jay pintail pipit plain brown woodcreeper plover plumbeous vireo potoo ptarmigan puffback purple bibbed whitetip purple honeycreeper purple sunbird purple throated mountain gem purple throated woodstar purplish jay pygmy falcon pygmy nuthatch quail racket tail red and yellow barbet red billed streamertail red billed streametail red billed tropicbird red breasted nuthatch red crossbill red crowned crane red crowned woodpecker red faced warbler red footed booby red headed barbet red knot red legged honeycreeper red necked grebe red necked phalarope red shouldered hawk red tailed hawk red throated loon red wattled lapwing red winged blackbird reddish egret redfaced cormorant redpoll redshank redstart ridgefield national wildlife refuge ridgway's rail ring necked duck ringed kingfisher roadside hawk rock ptarmigan rock sandpiper rock wren rockhopper penguin roller rose ringed parakeet ross's goose rosy throated longclaw rough legged hawk royal tern ruby topaz hummingbird ruddy duck rufescent tiger heron ruffed grouse rufous bellied thrush rufous collared sparrow rufous crowned roller rufous hummingbird rufous motmot rufous tailed flycatcher rufous tailed hummingbird rufous tailed jacamar rufous treepie russet crowned warbler sabrewing sad flycatcher saddle billed stork saffron finch sanderling sandhill crane sandpiper sapphire sapsucker savanah sparrow sayaca tanager scarlet macaw scintillent hummingbird scott's oriole secretary bird semi palmated plover semi palmated sandpiper shag sheathbill short billed dowitcher short eared owl shoveler silver beaked tanager silver throated tanager siskin skimmer skua small tree finch smooth billed ani snail kite snipe snow goose snow petrel snowcap hummingbird snowy egret snowy owl snowy plover snowy sheathbill somali bee eater song sparrow sooty chat sooty grouse south georgia southern caracara southern fulmar southern giant petrel sparrow speckled hummingbird spectacled thrush spotted owlet spotted sandpiper spotted towhee sprufowl squacco heron starling steamer duck stellar's jay steller's sea eagle stilt stork storm petrel streamertail striated caracara striated heron striped kingfisher strong billed woodcreeper summer tanager sunangel sunbird swainson's hawk swainson's thrush swallow tailed gull swan sword billed hummingbird sylph tanager tawny eagle teal tennessee warbler tern thickbilled murre thorntail thrush tickell's blue flycatcher tiger heron titmouse toco toucan tody flycatcher toucan toucan barbet toucanet tourmaline sunangel towhee townsend's warbler treepie tricolored brushfinch trinidad and tobago trinidad motmot trogon tropicbird troupial tufted coquette tufted puffin tundra swan upland goose variable sunbird varied thrush verdin vermilion flycatcher verreaux's eagle owl vesper sparrow violet crowned woodnymph violet fronted brilliant violet sabrewing violet tailed sylph violetear vireo virginia's warbler vulture guineafowl wagtail wandering albatross warbler warbling vireo waterthrush waved albatross western bluebird western emerald western grebe western screech owl western tanager wheatear white bellied bustard white bellied mountain gem white breasted nuthatch white browed wagtail white chested emerald white chinned thrush white crowned parrot white crowned sparrow white headed woodpecker white lined tanager white naped brushfinch white necked jacobin white necked thrush white stork white tailed eagle white tailed kite white tailed sabrewing white throated hummingbird white throated kingfisher white throated mountain gem whitetip whooper swan wigeon willet williamson's sapsucker willow flycatcher willow ptarmigan wilson's phalarope wilson's snipe wilson's storm petrel wilson's warbler wire crested thorntail wood duck woodcreeper woodnymph woodpecker woodstar woolly necked stork wren wrentit yellow bellied siskin yellow billed cardinal yellow billed parrot yellow billed pintail yellow billed stork yellow breasted chat yellow crowned night heron yellow eyed junco yellow headed blackbird yellow rumped cacique yellow rumped warbler yellow thighed finch yellow warbler yellowish flycatcher yellowlegs yellowstone national park yellowthroat
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