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acorn woodpecker albatross amazon kingfisher american pygmy kingfisher andean emerald andean of the rock ani anole aracari argentina ashy headed goose baltimore oriole barbet bay headed tanager black bellied hummingbird black cheeked woodpecker black collared hawk black fronted sunbird black throated mango blue chinned sapphire blue cowled motmot blue winged mountain tanager boat billed heron booby booted racket tail brazil brilliant brown hooded parrot brown inca brown jay brown violetear brushfinch buff tailed coronet cacique caiman capped heron caracara cardinal chestnut breasted coronet chestnut capped brushfinch chestnut colored woodpecker chestnut eared aracari chestnut mandibled toucan chilean skua chimango caracara clay colored thrush cocoi heron collared aracari collared inca collared redstart collared trogon common potoo copper rumped hummingbird coquette cormorant coronet costa rica cowbird crab eating fox crane hawk crimson rumped toucanet curassow doctor bird dolphin gull dusky legged guan ecuador emerald euphonia fawn breasted brilliant fiery throated hummingbird finch flame tanager flightless cormorant flycatcher fork tailed woodnymph frigatebird frog galapagos hawk galapagos islands galapagos penguin giant cowbird golden hooded tanager golden olive woodpecker golden tailed sapphire golden tanager goose great black hawk great curassow great frigatebird great green macaw great potoo grebe green and rufous kingfisher green barred woodpecker green breasted mango green crowned brilliant green hermit green honeycreeper green kingfisher green violetear guan gull hawk hermit heron hoffman's woodpecker honeycreeper hooded mantis hummingbird hyacinth macaw iguana inca jabiru jacamar jaguar jamaica jamaican oriole jamaican spindalis jamaican vireo jamaican woodpecker jay keel billed toucan kingfisher kite lapwing least grebe lesser violetear macaw magellanic woodpecker magenta throated woodstar magnificent frigatebird magnificent hummingbird mango many spotted hummingbird marine iguana masked trogon medium ground finch monk parakeet montezuma oropendola motmot mountain gem napo sabrewing nazca booby night heron ochre bullied flycatcher oilbird olive backed euphonia orange backed troupial orange chinned parakeet oriole oropendola ovenbird palm tanager parakeet parrot passerini's tanager penguin pied lapwing potoo purple bibbed whitetip purple throated mountain gem purple throated woodstar purplish jay racket tail red billed streamertail red billed streametail red billed tropicbird red crowned woodpecker red headed barbet red legged honeycreeper redstart ringed kingfisher roadside hawk ruby topaz hummingbird rufescent tiger heron rufous bellied thrush rufous collared sparrow rufous motmot rufous tailed hummingbird rufous tailed jacamar russet crowned warbler sabrewing sad flycatcher saffron finch sandpiper sapphire sayaca tanager scarlet macaw scintillent hummingbird silver beaked tanager silver throated tanager siskin skua small tree finch smooth billed ani snail kite snowcap hummingbird southern caracara sparrow speckled hummingbird spectacled thrush spotted sandpiper stork streamertail striated heron strong billed woodcreeper sunangel sunbird swallow tailed gull sylph tanager tennessee warbler thorntail thrush tiger heron toco toucan toucan toucan barbet toucanet tourmaline sunangel tricolored brushfinch trinidad and tobago trinidad motmot trogon tropicbird troupial tufted coquette upland goose vine snake violet crowned woodnymph violet fronted brilliant violet sabrewing violet tailed sylph violetear vireo warbler waved albatross western emerald white bellied mountain gem white chested emerald white chinned thrush white crowned parrot white lined tanager white naped brushfinch white necked jacobin white necked thrush white tailed sabrewing white throated mountain gem whitetip wire crested thorntail woodcreeper woodnymph woodpecker woodstar yellow bellied siskin yellow billed cardinal yellow billed parrot yellow crowned night heron yellow rumped cacique yellow thighed finch yellowish flycatcher
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